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VSI Stone Crusher: Revolutionizing Crushing for Superior Results

The VSI stone crusher is a revolutionary machine in the field of crushing, providing superior results and reducing production costs. The innovative design of this crusher enables it to be used as a solution for all types of stones and minerals, providing efficient and reliable results.


VSI stone crusher, also known as vertical shaft impact crusher, revolutionizes the crushing process in the quarry and mining industry. With this revolutionary technology, it is possible to obtain sand of the desired cubicity and fractions without any contamination. VSI stone crusher can be custom tailored to application, material condition, and desired final product size/shape. Zenith provides reliable, efficient, and high-quality VSI stone crusher for all your crushing needs.

The Ultimate Crushing Machine

The VSI stone crusher is a perfect choice for producing high-quality aggregates for road, construction, asphalt, and concrete aggregates. Zenith’s VSI stone crusher has been proven to be effective in producing high-quality aggregates and is becoming the preferred equipment for artificial sand making and stone shaping. It is equipped with a hydraulic opening device which makes it easy to maintain and change wear parts. The feed size is up to 60mm and its production capacity can reach up to 520t/h.

Unleashing Unprecedented Efficiency

The VSI stone crusher is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, ensuring not only high efficiency, but also ease of use and maintenance. Equipped with a hydraulic lid lifter and an automatic lubrication system, the VSI stone crusher is able to maintain constant material flow and produce high quality end products. Another feature that makes it stand out is its ability to continuously adjust the speed of the rotor with just one button, allowing operators to fine-tune the crusher’s performance and maximize productivity.

Redefining Stone Crushing Technology

The VSI stone crusher provides a new perspective on stone crushing technology and offers an entirely new realm of possibilities. With its adjustable rotor speed, the VSI stone crusher can regulate the fineness of the aggregates to meet specific requirements. Besides, it is known for its high reduction ratio, producing cubical end products, and providing a consistent grading curve. Its ability to handle various types of materials, ranging from hard and abrasive to soft and sticky, makes it a versatile stone crusher for a wide range of applications.

Unmatched Superiority in Crushing Output

The VSI stone crusher is designed for the reduction of hard and abrasive rocks, making it an excellent solution for industrial applications. Thanks to advanced technology, the VSI stone crusher can operate at a high speed to ensure the desired output quality. It is equipped with a hydraulic control system that allows the user to adjust the crushing ratio to obtain the desired particle size. With its superior crushing capacity and high reduction ratio, the VSI stone crusher guarantees a consistent and reliable end product.


VSI stone crusher has revolutionized the crushing process in the quarry and mining industry, delivering unparalleled efficiency and superior results. Zenith, a trust-worthy supplier of industrial crushing and mineral processing equipment, offers the most advanced and reliable VSI stone crusher available on the market. With its state-of-the-art technology, adjustable rotor speed, and unmatched crushing output, the VSI stone crusher is the ultimate crushing machine for producing high-quality aggregates.

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